About Our Tutors

Madison at Crescent Lake

Madison Plantier, Our Primary Tutor

Madison Plantier’s love affair with China began when she was 16 years old and she embarked on a 10-day school trip to some of the country’s most historic sites. Since then, she has learned the language, lived in China for over 2 years, and recently received a Distinction in her Chinese Studies MA at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. She has given numerous lectures on the cultural significance of traveling in China, including at the Adventure Travel Show 2020 and the Destinations Travel Show 2020.

She is the primary tutor for our Basic Mandarin Chinese classes and she also presents our Chinese Culture seminars.

Na Wang, Our Language Tutor

Na outside of a Tulou in Fujian province

Na Wang is a native Chinese speaker who has traveled widely throughout her home county and started her own travel company in 2013. Her company, known as TanSuo Cultural Travel, is dedicated to showcasing authentic Chinese culture and heading off the beaten track on a number of unforgettable trips.

In her role at MP Chinese, Na aids Madison during the Basic Mandarin Chinese classes in order to demonstrate pronunciation, check students’ pronunciation, and offer an insight into colloquial Chinese speech.

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